What to Expect

Clarity. Transparency. Support.

Give your business the best possible chance to grow and change under EOS®. In our sessions, you should expect accountability as a great by-product of the work we do, complete transparency, clarity, and team health improvements.

Find out how

We can help you grow.

EOS isn’t just a business operating system; it’s a chance for your organization to fundamentally improve. Committing to mastering the EOS tools and disciplines lets your business reap the organizational benefits of EOS while continuing to grow. In our sessions, you can expect categorical honesty, a team focus, and a fearless approach to change.

Get growth-oriented feedback., an objective perspective., guidance that makes a difference.

Goals of your session

  • Provide direct feedback

    Transparency is everything; Meaningful progress necessitates unapologetic candor. Our sessions allow you to move forward as a stronger team by getting to the heart of problems.

  • When-you-need-it guidance

    Sessions don't end in the conference room. We are available for support — whether it's questions, EOS purity concerns, or as a sounding board.

  • Hone EOS® tools

    For EOS to work, you can't cherry-pick. Our sessions follow the EOS Process®, and we work with you on the best speed to implement, based on where you are and the various nuances of your business, ultimately providing your business the best possible chance to grow.

  • Prioritize your team

    The tools themselves are not enough unless you and your team are moving in the same direction. Our sessions prioritize team health to keep your business on the same path forward.

  • Provide accountability

    Saying you follow EOS isn't enough. We keep you and your team on-track to fulfill your goals and achieve your vision using proven tools.

  • Focus on growth

    Working with The Clarity Gain has one goal: strengthen your organization. Whether it's growth in productivity, teamwork, or business, we're in it together.

EOS® LIFE = Doing what you love, with people you love, making a difference, being appropriately compensated and having freedom to pursue your life's passions. 

Gino Wickman


Ty Bernicke, CFP®, President of Bernicke Wealth Management

My firm started the EOS journey with John around 2 years ago after interviewing several people. I realized shortly after working with him that we had made the right decision. His ability to teach the EOS tools, facilitate and help us smoke out the issues and push us to achieve what we committed to, brought absolute clarity to some of the major root cause issues. Today, we have a team that is rowing in the same direction, much clearer on priorities and more than ever, we are able to passionately and effectively help our own clients navigate life’s moments

Sean Sabery, President of Lifesaver Fire Protection

We are truly grateful to John for helping implement the EOS model throughout our organization. He was able to connect the EOS tools to our long-term goals and real-world issues, allowing us a clear path to navigate forward. His passion for not only the leadership team but the people he has not even met in the organization has translated to an organization that is intentional in all that we do. The simplicity of EOS and the clarity of John’s facilitation has been a game-changer.

Nicole Mennicke, Integrator of Rocket Clicks

I can say confidently that working with John was a huge part of our EOS success in the last 5 years. His no B.S. approach to staying EOS pure and addressing those tough issues that no one wants to tackle accelerated adoption and results. What makes John different is the life experience he brings. He’s been through all the business challenges we have faced and has guided us to making better decisions quicker. Since working with John, our leadership team has been more aligned and healthy than ever before. We are having open and honest conversations and clearing roadblocks to our business faster than ever.

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